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Nias Island

Nias (Nias language Tano Niha) is an island located in the west of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The island is inhabited by a majority tribe Nias (Ono Niha), which still has a megalithic culture. This area is important attractions such as surfing (surfing), traditional house, dive, jump rock. The island with an area of 5625 sq km has a population of 700,000. This region is the major religion of Protestant Christians. Nias is now divided into four districts and 1 city, namely Kabupaten Nias, South Nias regency, Nias West, North Nias District, and City Gunung Sitoli. 

Hombo Stone in Bawomataluo

Tsunami & earthquake 2004 and 2005 
On December 26, 2004, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake occurred on the west coast of this island that led to the tsunami as high as 10 meters in area and Mandrehe Sirombu. The death toll from this incident amounted to 122 people and hundreds of families homeless. On March 28, 2005, the island was again rocked by earthquakes, was believed to be an aftershock following the incident in December 2004, but now the incident was the second strongest earthquake in the world since 1965. At least 638 people were reportedly killed, and hundreds of buildings were destroyed. Almost no public housing buildings throughout the island of Nias which suffered no damage from the quake. 

According to the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (RRA) Nias Representative, the disaster has caused 13,000 houses destroyed, 24,000 houses were severely damaged, and about 34,000 houses were slightly damaged. A total of 12 ports and docks were destroyed, 403 damaged bridges and 800 km district roads and 266 km provincial roads were destroyed. A total of 723 schools and 1938 places of worship destroyed.

Beach Lagundri Sorake

Nias Island

Same as other areas in Indonesia, Nias island also has a tour for tourists visiting the area in the country and abroad. Since the tsunami and earthquake in 2004 and 2005, the island of Nias tried to get up to develop the tourism potential that there are back on the island of Nias. among others, nias island tourism potential that could attract tourists. There Gomo places of historic heritage items (megaliths), the Gulf coast in the presence of The Heritage (Howu-Howu Cafe), Beach Lagundri Sorake, Hombo Stone in Bawomataluo, Batu islands, the island of Telo and other mainstay attractions.

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