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Arts Debus From Banten

Debus is a martial art from Banten. This art was created in the 16th century, in the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1532-1570). Debus, an art which demonstrates the remarkable human ability, immune to sharp weapons, fire resistant, hard drinking water, insert objects into a whole coconut, fry an egg on the head and others.

Islamic religion was introduced by Sunan Gunung Jati, one of the founders of the Sultanate of Cirebon in 1520, in conjunction with the conquest expedition peacefulness of Sunda Kelapa. Then, when the power held by the Sultan of Banten Ageng Tirtayasa (1651-1682), Debus focused as a tool to evoke the spirit of the warriors in the fight against Dutch colonial traders joined in Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie (VOC).

It is said that martial arts originated from the area Debus al Madad. The longer the martial arts is growing and growing in all societies as the art of entertainment offerings for the community. The show is still very strong core martial arts or martial arts movement and use of weapons. Debus art offerings, many uses and focus on one player immune to attacks by sharp items, and sort of sharp weapon is called with the whistle.

Debus in Arabic which means sharp weapons made of iron, has a pointed tip and slightly rounded shape. With this tool whistle players injured, and usually can not be penetrated even whistle was beaten many times by others. Attractions attraction of this body immunity is another variation which is performed whistle. Among other things, belly pierced with sharp objects or spears, slicing the body with a machete until the injured and uninjured, eat fire, insert a long needle into the tongue, skin, cheeks until translucent and not injured. Cutting limbs to wounded and bleeding but can be cured in immediately, flush the body with hard water to clothes that cling dibadan crushed, chewed glass / glass flakes, burn the body. And many more attractions that they do.

In doing this attraction every player has a requirement that heavy conditions, before they perform the ritual ritual performances given by their teachers. Usually done 1-2 weeks before the ritual performed. In addition they are also required to have a strong faith and be confident with the teachings of Islam. Precepts for whistle players are not allowed to drink liquor, gambling, playing a woman, or steal. And the players also have to believe and did not hesitate in carrying out these actions, the offenses committed by a player can be very harmful to the player's soul.

According to some historical sources, Debus has a relationship with a congregation in Islamic teachings. Which in essence is very thick with religious philosophy, they are in very happy because face to face with his god. They slammed their ketubuh sharps, no effort but by God alone. If God does not allow a machete, machetes and bullets injure them. And they will not hurt.

At this time many warriors living dikecamatan Walantaka Debus, keragilan and areas of attack. Which is unfortunate existence of whistle more and more reduced, because the youth prefer to seek another livelihood. And because the attraction is also quite dangerous to do, because it is not uncommon that many whistle players hurt from lack of exercise and there are "ignorant" to show they are doing. So the longer the cultural heritage is increasingly extinct. In the past we can see the attraction of this whistle offerings in many areas, but now there are only whistle attractions at the event - a specific event. So not every day we can see this attraction. Cultural heritage, which is increasingly eroded by the changing times.

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