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Tana Toraja (South Sulawesi)

Tana Toraja is one of the Indonesian tourist attraction, inhabited by a tribe who inhabit the mountains of Toraja and maintaining a distinctive lifestyle and still show the original Austronesian lifestyle and culture are similar to Nias. This area is one tourist attraction in South Sulawesi.

Tongkonan Pallawa is one tongkonan or traditional house that very interesting and were among the bamboo trees on the hilltop. Tongkonan is decorated with a number of buffalo horn that is attached at the front of traditional house. Located about 12 km to the north of Rantepao.

Londa is the steep rocks on the side of a typical tomb Tana Toraja. One was located on high ground from the hill with a cave in which the corpse crates are set according to the family line, the other one left open hillside views overlooking the green expanse. Located about 5 km to the south of Rantepao.

Ke'te Kesu
The object of this charming village of Tongkonan, rice barns and buildings in the surrounding megaliths. About 100 yards behind this village there is a cliff with the grave cemetery site dependent and tau-tau in a given building stone fence. Tau-tau shows the daily appearance of the owner. This village is also known as carving skills possessed by its inhabitants as well as a great place to shop for souvenirs. Located about 4 km from southeast Rantepao.

Stone Tumonga
In this area you can find about 56 stone menhirs in a loop with 4 trees in the middle. Most stone menhir has a height of about 2-3 meters. From here you can see the beauty of Rantepao and surrounding valleys. Located in the area Sesean with altitude 1300 meters above sea level.

This place is often referred to as the home of the spirits. At the funeral Lemo yanng we can see the corpses stored in the open air, amid the steep rocks. This cemetery is the combination of death, art and ritual. At certain times clothing from the bodies will be replaced with a ceremony Ma 'Nene.

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