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The Legend of Mount Tangkuban Perahu

In the days of yore, in Tatar Parahyangan, established an empire that Masyur. there was a king who likes to sport hunting of animals, which always accompanied by a faithful dog, named "Tumang". 

Tangkubanparahu Mountain

At one point the King hunting deer, but had a day the results are less encouraging.Animals hunted in the forests disappeared as if swallowed by the earth. Amid the disappointment did not get a prey animal, the King startled to turn a dog loyal "Tumang" who finds a baby girl lying among the grass hedge. What a joy the King, when the discovery of a baby girl who was flawless in image, considering that the King has long craved a daughter, but has not been blessed with children. The baby girl was named Princess Dayangsumbi.

Once daughter Dayngsumbi pretty handsome as an adult spoken for a man, who later endowed a boy named Sangkuriang which also will have a penchant for hunting as well as the King. But unfortunately my husband did not live long Dayangsumbi.

One time, a very young Sangkuriang young, entered the hunt accompanied the King's pet dog who is also his mother's favorite, namely Tumang. But the day is not good cause does not obtain the results of the hunting game. Because Sangkuriang has promised to dedicate deer liver to his mother, while deer hunting does not gotten, then kill the Tumang Sangkuriang risked his mother's favorite dog and also the King to take his heart, which was dedicated to his mother.

Mount Hill Tunggul

When Dayangsumbi eventually learned that reindeer liver presented no other is his son's heart "the Tumang" her beloved dog, then became angry Dayangsumbi.Encouraged by anger, accidentally, he beat his son's head with a scoop of rice that is being held, to cause wounds that scar. Sangkuriang effort to encouraging mothers feel in vain, and felt his actions were innocent. He thought no deer liver, dog liver also be, by not thinking about the loyalty Tumang who has devoted his life to serve the employer. Sangkuriang had run away leaving the kingdom, then disappeared without a word. 

Mount Burangrang

After the incident Dayangsumbi feel very sorry, every day he always prayed and pleaded with Hyang Tunggal, so he can be reunited with his son. Later this petition Fulfilled, and the generosity of the Hyang Tunggal step that the Dayangsumbi gifted youth. Syahdan Sangkuriang that continues to wander, he grew into a burly young man, very powerful especially after he had conquered the demon that magic again, that Guriang Seven. 

In a time travels, Sangkuriang without realizing he returned to the kingdom where it originated. And he brings alive the story line with a daughter who was flawless in a charming beautiful nan, who is the daughter Dayangsumbi no other. Sangkuriang fell in love with the daughter, so too will be fascinated Dayangsumbi Sangkuriang gallantry and good looks, then both are intertwined relationship. Sangkuriang or Dayangsumbi time did not know that in fact both the mother and child. Sangkuriang Dayangsumbi eventually apply to become his wife spoken. 
Yet again the story line alive again opened the curtain closed, Dayangsumbi know that it is Sangkuriang young son, when he saw the scar Sangkuriang pat on the head, when he corrected her future husband's headband. 

After feeling confident Sangkuriang bring his son, Dayangsumbi trying to thwart the marriage with his son. To marry her, Dayangsumbi proposed two conditions to be met by the deadline Sangkuriang before dawn. The first condition, Sangkuriang should be able to make a big boat. The second condition, Sangkuriang should be able to create a lake to be used sailing boat. 
Sangkuriang undertakes these requirements, he worked overtime assisted by stealth wadiabalad Guriang Seven leaders to realize the request. Large wooden timber for boat and stem the Citarum river, he got from the forest on a mountain which, according to legend later given the name Mount Hill Tunggul. The twigs and leaves from trees that used the wood, he collected on a hill called Mount Burangrang. 

Citarum River

Meanwhile Dayangsumbi-Hyang Tunggal was begging her to help him, frustrate the purpose Sangkuriang to marry him. Sang Hyang Tunggal Dayangsumbi granted the request, before the job is complete Sangkuriang, ayamp crowing and dawn ... ....Sangkuriang anger, knowing he failed to qualify, he kicked the boat that is being made. The boat eventually fell facedown, and according to legend will be Tangkuban Mt, while the flow of Citarum River is dammed to form lakes gradually Bandung.

Bandung Lake

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