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Queen Crater - Mount Tangkuban Perahu

One of the main objectives in natural attractions Tangkuban Mt is Crater Queen. Object which is about 30 km from this city can be reached easily through the plumbing-Lembang-Bandung (15 km) and the Lembang-Tangkuban Parahu (15 km). 

For two-wheeled vehicle users, there is an alternative path-Lembang Bandung that is through Dago and Pagerwangi which is about 5 km, translucent in La Oma Cafe and Market Lembang. Roads have been teraspal well, but there are some sharp turns, steep. Fun we will find new views of the city of Bandung from the heights. 

From Lembang, we will travel a distance of about 11 km to the Subang to reach the main gate attractions. To be able to enter a tourist area, per person will be charged Rp 12,500 and Rp 9,000 for cars, Rp 4,000 for motorcycles, and Rp 17,500 for the bus. After buying tickets we will cover the distance of 4 km to reach the main crater of Crater Queen. 

In the parking lot, we may find the inscription with relief as shown in the photos. About a story about what yes, whether the story about Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi mother? 

Photos here are the views of Ratu crater as seen from the parking lot and from the opposite side. Very beautiful is not it? Although it seems we can down the crater but was banned because of the emergence of toxic gas at any time that could jeopardize safety. 

Well if you were content to enjoy the beautiful nature fresh, distant mountains, we can go shopping by-the typical Tangkuban Parahu such as clothing, dolls, various crafts, snacks such as glutinous variety of fried and grilled, or sulfur traditional medicine for the itching and root wood dragon for rheumatic or diabetes.

photo source : http://ayowisata.wordpress.com

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