Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Jump Stone (Fahombo) Nias Tradition

Centuries ago, the island of Nias, located to the west of Sumatra, consisting of some the region governed by the landlord or warlords as high nobility, noble status was not a hereditary position, a position that they get with a party to entertain the public or owasa. So the more often they are a party, the more eternal and higher the position they are in the public eye, and cost the party a party they get from war booty.

To win the war noblemen would need the backing of powerful forces, so that at a certain time they open the opportunity for young men to become soldiers. For men become soldiers or members of the defense forces is an honor, with a better income from ordinary citizens and future opportunities to make their good fortune when a nobleman, achieved the glorious position as well.

In those days ago, the event was held in a special selection and lasted so festive, as if a festival, people flocked from far away though to watch the young men showed each skill to skip stones and trying to be the best. For the girls this event is an arena of worship and praise the men's dream and also vice versa, for men who pass the test quickly became the idol of girls. For those who already have a candidate, he immediately proposed to her choice, which still has a chance of getting Singles future wife. So fahombo finally shifted its meaning, as if implying anyone who managed to jump over the composition of such stones deserve to be called as an adult and married.

Fahombo now become a tourist attraction for the visitors of the island of Nias both foreign and domestic tourists and not only do young man, a frail old man even though allowed to jump.

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