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Hanging Stone and Origin of Parapat City

In one remote village on the outskirts of Lake Toba in North Sumatra, there lived a husband and wife with a beautiful daughter named Chrysanthemum.In addition to beautiful, Chrysanthemum is also very diligent in helping parents work in the fields. Every day the small family working on their farm located on the shores of Lake Toba, and the results are used to meet daily needs.

One day, Chrysanthemum go to the fields alone, because there is a need both parents in a neighboring village. Chrysanthemum only accompanied by her beloved dog called the Toki. Arriving at the fields, she did not work, but he just sat thoughtfully looking at the natural beauty of Lake Toba. Looks like he is facing a difficult problem solved. While his dog, the Toki, come sit next to him staring at his face as if to know what's Chrysanthemum thinks her employer is. Once in a while the dog's barking to distract the boss, but her employer still preoccupied with her thoughts.

Indeed the last few days Chrysanthemum face always looked glum. He was very sad, because it will be married by her parents with a young man who was his cousin. Though he has established an affair with a young man his choice and has promised to build a happy home. He was very confused. On the one hand he does not want to disappoint his parents, and on the other hand if she could not have parted with youth idol of his heart. Therefore felt unable to bear the heavy burden, he was getting desperate.

"God! Servant was not able to live with this burden, "complained Chrysanthemum.

A few moments later, Chrysanthemum moved from his seat. With tears loose, he walked slowly toward the Lake Toba. Apparently she wanted to end his life by jumping into Lake Toba's rugged steep. While the Toki, followed his master from behind while barking.

With thoughts that continue raging, Chrysanthemum walked toward the cliffs of Lake Toba without watching the road in its path. Unexpectedly, he suddenly plunged into the hole large stone to go far into the bottom of the hole. The black rock that makes the atmosphere in the hole was getting dark. Beautiful girl was very frightened. At the bottom of a dark hole, he felt the walls of rock was moving closer would clamp.

"Help ... ...! Help ... ...! Help me, Toki!" Chrysanthemum voice asks for help to her beloved dog.

The Toki understand if the employer requires his help, but he can not do anything, except just barking at the mouth of the hole. Several times Chrysanthemum screaming for help, but the Toki is really not capable menolongnnya. Finally she was getting desperate.
"I'd rather be dead than suffer a long life," Chrysanthemum resigned.
The walls of rock that move increasingly closer.

"Parapat ...! Parapat the rock ...! Parapat, "cried Chrysanthemum stone told press her body. 

While the Toki who knows his master in danger kept barking at the mouth of the hole. Feel unable to help his employer, he soon ran back to the house to ask for help. 

Arriving at the house of his master, Toki's parents immediately went to the new Chrysanthemum who happened to come from neighboring villages to walk to her home. Toki barking while scratching the ground to notify the parents was that the Chrysanthemum in danger. 

"Toki ..., where Chrysanthemum? What happened to him? "Asked the father to the dog Chrysanthemum. Toki kept barking ran back and forth to take them to a place. 

"Sir, it looks like Chrysanthemum in danger," said the mother of Chrysanthemum. 

"Mom was right. The Toki invites us to follow him, "said the father Chrysanthemum. 

"But it was dark, sir. How do we get there? "Said the mother of Chrysanthemum. 

"My mother prepared a torch! I will seek help from neighbors, "cried the father. 

Soon, the whole neighborhood had gathered at the home page Chrysanthemum father carrying a torch. After that they followed the Toki to the scene. When I got them in the fields, the Toki directly toward the mouth of the hole. Then he barked as he held out his mouth stretched into a hole to notify the residents that the Chrysanthemum at the bottom of the hole. 

Both parents Chrysanthemum immediately approached the mouth of the hole. What a surprise when they saw a hole big enough rock on the edge of their fields. Inside the hole there was a faint voice of a woman: "Parapat ...! Parapat the rock! Parapat! " 

"Sir, listen to that voice! Itukan voices of our children! Chrysanthemum's mother cried in panic. 

"Right! That sounds Chrysanthemum! "Replied the father participated in panic. 

"But, why did he shouted: Parapat, Parapat the rock?" Asked the mother. 

"I do not know, bu! Looks like there's something wrong in there, "said the anxious father. 

Mr. Farmer was trying to light up the hole with a torch, but the bottom of the hole was so deep that can not be penetrated by torchlight. 

"Chrysanthemum ...! Chrysanthemum ...! "Shouted the father of Chrysanthemum. 

"Chrysanthemum ... my daughter! This mother and father came to help! "The mother come yelling. 

Several times they cried, but did not get a response from the Chrysanthemum. Only voice drifted Chrysanthemum who ordered the stone was docked for menghimpitnya. 

"Parapat ...! Parapat the rock! Parapat! " 

"Chrysanthemum ... my daughter!" Chrysanthemum mother screamed again, crying hysterically. 

Residents who were present at the site trying to help. One of the residents handed a rope to the bottom of the hole, but the slap was not touched at all. Chrysanthemum's father is increasingly concerned with their children. He also decided to follow her daughter's plunge into the rock hole. 

"Mom, hold this torch!" Ordered the father. 

"Daddy going?" Asked the mother. 

"I want to follow Chrysanthemum into the hole," she answered firmly. 

"No dad, very dangerous!" Prevent the mother. 

"Yes sir, the hole was very deep and dark," said one resident. 

Chrysanthemum's father finally the attack. A moment later, suddenly the sound of thunder. Earth rocked by fierce as if about to end. Rock hole suddenly close itself. The cliffs at the edge of Lake Toba was falling. Chrysanthemum's father and mother and all populations ran thither to save themselves. They left the mouth of the stone pit, so the Chrysanthemum The poor can not be saved from the crush of rock. 

Some time after the earthquake stopped, suddenly appeared a large rock that resembles the body of a girl and as if hanging on the wall of the cliff at the edge of Lake Toba. Local people believe that the stone was the incarnation of the oppressed Chrysanthemum rock in the hole. By their stone was later given the name "Hanging Rock". 

A few days later, came the news about the events that befall her. Residents flocked to the scene to see the "Hanging Rock" is. Residents who witnessed the incident told other residents that before the hole was closed, audible voice: "... Parapat Parapat Parapat the rock ...!" 

Hence the word "Parapat" they say, and many are told, then the Week is located on the shores of Lake Toba was later given the name "Parapat". Parapat is now a small town one of the most attractive tourist destinations in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

*Parapat in Batak language means moor

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