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Asmat Tribe in Papua

Asmat is a tribe in Papua. Asmat tribe known as the result of a unique wood carvings. Asmat population is divided into two, namely those living in coastal areas and those living in the hinterland. the two populations are mutually different from each other in the ways of living, and social structure of coastal ritual.populasi further divided into two parts, namely Bisman tribes who were among the rivers and streams sinesty nin and spare Shimei. 

There is much disagreement among the Asmat village. The most horrible is the way the Asmat tribe used to kill his enemy. when the enemy killed, his corpse was brought kekampung, then cut and distributed to all residents to eat together. they sing the song of death and cut off his head. his brain wrapped and baked sago leaves and then eaten. 

Now usually, in a village inhabited by approximately 100 to 1000 people. every village had one bachelor house and many family homes. Bachelor house used for ceremonial and religious ceremonies. family houses inhabited by two to three families, who have their own bathroom and kitchen. 

Asmat tribe has a very simple way to make up themselves. they just need the red soil to produce a red color. to produce their white color makes the shells that have been mashed. while the black color of charcoal they produce smoothed. I use is quite simple, simply by mixing these ingredients with a little water, coloring it can use to color the body. 

In addition to cultural, syuru villagers are also very good at making carvings such as the Asmat general. Carved for the Asmat, could be a link between contemporary life with the lives of ancestors. residing in each carving the image and respect for their ancestors are loaded with greatness Asmat tribe. 

Statues and carvings generally they created without a sketch. for kala menukir Asmat statue adlah times in which they communicate with the ancestors yag is on another world. It is possible because they know the three concepts of the world: Amat ow capinmi (natural life now), Dampu ow campinmi (pesinggahan nature spirits who have died), and Safar (heaven). 

Believe it before entering heaven dead person's soul will interfere with humans. interference can be a disease, disaster and even war. So, for the sake of saving people and redeem souls, they are still alive to make sculptures and statues mengelar party like a party bus (Bioskokombi), party masks, party boat, and party sago worms. 

It is said that the statue of the bus is the most sacred form of sculpture. but now make a statue for the Asmat, not merely meet the call of tradition. because the engraving is also selling them to strangers at a party when carving. they know the results of hand-carved high priced between Rp. 100 thousand up to millions of dollars outside of Papua. 

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