Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

The Origin of Lake Toba

In the region of Sumatra, there lived a farmer who is very diligent work. He lived alone all alone. Every day she work the lading and find fish with the tireless. This is done to meet the daily needs. 

One day the farmer went to the river near his home, he intends to find fish to eat today. With only armed with a fishing rod, bait and a fish, he headed straight into the rivers. Once when he got in the river, the farmer immediately threw the pole. While waiting kailnya eaten fish, farmers are praying, "god I hope I can fish a lot today." Some time after the prayer, he threw the hook that had seemed swayed. He immediately pulled pole. Farmers are very happy, because the fish are gotten very big and beautiful. 

After a few moments staring at the fish catch, the farmer was very shocked. It turns out the fish they catch it can speak. "Please do not eat me, sir! Let me live, "cried the fish. Without much question, the fish catch was immediately returned into the water again. After returning the fish into the water, farmers grew surprised, because the fish suddenly turned into a very beautiful woman. 

"Do not worry sir, I will not hurt you", said the fish. "Who are you? Are not you a fish?, Ask the farmer. "I was a princess who was cursed, because it violates the rules of the kingdom", replied the woman. "Thank you rescued me from the curse, and in return I am willing you to make a wife", she said. Farmers agreed that too. They then become as husband and wife. However, there is one promise that has been agreed, that they should not be told that the origin of daughter of a fish. If the promise was breached there will be a tremendous disaster. 

After a while they were married, farmer and his wife finally happiness increases, because the farmer's wife gave birth to a baby boy. Their son grew into a very handsome boy and strong, but there are habits that make everyone wonder. Children are always hungry, and never feel full. All without the rest of the rations of food eaten.

Until one day the farmer's son was given the task of the mother to deliver food and drinks to the field where his father was working. But the task is not fulfilled. All food should be eaten out for her father, and after that he fell asleep in a hut. Farmers wait for the arrival of her son, while holding thirsty and hungry. Unable to bear hunger, then he went straight home. On the way home, pack farmer saw his son was sleeping in the hut. Farmers are immediately awakened. "Hey, wake up!, Shouted the farmer.  
After her son woke up, the farmer was immediately asked his food. "Where's the food for me?", Asked the farmer. "It is finished I ate", replied the boy. With a high tone was immediately rebuked farmer son. "Children  do not know myself! Do not know myself! Basic fry!," Swear word without being aware of the Farmers say the word abstinence from his wife. 

After farmers say those words, immediately lost his wife and children disappeared without a trace and trail. Of the former stamping his feet, a sudden gush of water is very swift. The water overflow is very high and wide so as to form a lake. And eventually form a lake. The lake was eventually known as the Lake Toba.

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